39000 CNG stations worldwide by 2025

According to latest estimates, in the year 2025 there will be almost 39000 CNG refueling stations around the world. More specifically, the number is predicted to be exactly 38887. Wonder how they managed to be so precise about it?

With a bit of work and good will all the existing and under-construction CNG stations can simply be counted. And they were – apparently, by the end of 2015 there will have been exactly 23001 such stations on the planet. Over the following 10 years the number will grow considerably, to the aforementioned 38887, which is obviously good news, but given the extensive development CNG/LNG is enjoying, we expected the present figure to double. Well, nearly 16000 new stations within 10 years sound quite impressive anyway, don't they?

In the arena of alternative fuels for transportation, natural gas has proven to be one of the most popular alternatives to traditional liquid fuels in many global markets, either in the form of CNG or LNG, with the former being by far the more common. However, in order for any alternative to gasoline or diesel to be viable as a transportation fuel, readily available refueling infrastructure is an absolutely necessary component of the ecosystem.

Sam Abuelsamid, senior research analyst, Navigant Research

CNG refueling at a station in Warsaw© gazeo.comThe more we see of this in the future, the better

Even though the global CNG/LNG refueling infrastructure is expanding (and quite rapidly, too), the main problem today is that the stations are unevenly distributed across the map. For instance, there are over 900 CNG retail points in Germany, while across the border, in Poland, there are merely 25. True, there are initiatives like the LNG Blue Corridors, but they still don't make natural gas a commonly available option like petrol and diesel are today. Maybe it won't change completely before 2025, but another 16000 stations will definitely get the world closer to the ultimate goal of commonplace availability of natural-gas-based motor fuels.


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