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Gazprom's CNG station network in Europe grows

Gazprom, the Russian natural gas distributor, keeps developing a CNG and LNG retail chain across the Old Continent. The number of stations grew significantly in 2014, although they're still few and far between.
Gazprom's CNG station© GazpromOver time this sight may become quite common in Europe far and wide

At the moment there are 44 CNG and 2 LNG stations owned by Gazprom across Europe, with another 6 operated by partner companies, but provided with fuel by Gazprom. While the numbers somewhat fail to impress, the rate of growth between 2013 and 2014 doesn't – in 2013 there were only 27 stations altogether under the Russian company's brand. More importantly still, the volume of natural gas sold through those retail points surged more than 9 times in 2014 when compared to 2013.

Most of the existing stations (27 overall) are located in Germany, with Czech Republic and Slovakia following (17 together, in both countries). Both LNG stations are mobile ones operating in Poland (Warsaw and Olsztyn), where they are used for refueling LNG-powered city buses. Nowhere else in Europe do buses run on liquefied methane at the moment. Gazprom plans to further develop its network, as the company believes the best for natural gas as motor fuel is yet to come.


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Robert Markowski
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