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Czech Republic
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100 CNG stations in Czech Republic

100 CNG stations in Czech Republic © Český Plynárenský Svaz

As of early March, 2015, environment- and cost-conscious Czech drivers can refuel with compressed natural gas at 80 publically available retail stations across the country. If everything goes as planned, by the end of the year the number will grow to 100.

Good to know

Vemex intends to open 9-10 new CNG stations in the country in 2015 and the first LNG station in 2016. E.ON Energie plans to launch 40 more CNG stations between 2018 and 2019.

Czech market's largest single CNG provider is RWE Energo, with a 17% market share. In 2014 the company sold 5,146 million cubic metres of the fuel in Czech Republic, while overall sales were 29,912 million cubic metres. That's by 36% more than in 2013.

One major factor contributing to this astonishing growth rate is the consistently developed refueling station network. New retail points are being built by companies already present in the market (Vemex, E.ON Energie and the aforementioned RWE Energo) as well as newcomers to the CNG business – Bonett Gas Investment and Vitkovice Doprava.


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