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More CNG stations in Madrid

Within a year from now the number of CNG refueling stations in Madrid, the capital of Spain, will double. By 2016 the city's environment- and cost-conscious drivers will have 12 compressed natural gas retail points at their disposal.
Seat Leon TGI at a Gas Natural Fenosa CNG station© SeatCNG-powered cars are locally produced (Seat Leon TGI pictured), now it's time to improve the refueling station network

As confirmed by the mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, during the opening ceremony for a Gas Natural Fenosa station in the Vicálvaro industrial district of Madrid, the new CNG retail points will be located evenly around the city, along major entrance roads. In 2014 a new station was launched in the San Blas-Canillejas district and two more are expected to open soon in Villaverde and Moncloa-Aravac. All of them do or will belong to the Gas Natural Fenosa network.

Expanding Madrid's CNG station network is a part of the of the Horizon 2020 program launched in 2013 and aimed at improving air quality. Currently there are over 1250 CNG-powered heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the city (among them 793 city buses, 459 refuse trucks and 19 cranes), remarkably contributing to reducing the amount of harmful pollutants emitted into the air. Nearly all of Madrid's trash is now collected by trucks running on natural gas and it is estimated that public service vehicles emit 26,9% of Madrid's nitrogen oxides (as of 2013), down from 41,3% in 2009.

All in all, there are currently 42 CNG stations across Spain, including 27 belonging to Gas Natural Fenosa.


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