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Pro-Vend 2000 - makes it easy

A fuel dispenser is much more than just a pump these days. Superior Energy Systems' Pro-Vend 2000 offers easy, reliable fuel management options and is user-friendly. Fleets using their own refueling facilities should take a close look.
The Pro-Vend 2000 dispenser© Superior Energy SystemsA Web-connected fuel dispenser isn't exactly for browsing Facebook. Not yet, that is

To make the Pro-Vend 2000 fully functional, you have to provide it with Internet connection. That's right, it needs the World Wide Web to spread its wings. But in return you get customisable fuel reports so that you can monitor your fleet's fuel use, refueling frequency habits, etc. And if you run a public autogas station, you can use it to estimate just how often you need your fuel delivered and in what amounts. Doesn't seem that weird now, does it?

The device uses a touchscreen for convenience of operation, but the display can also be used for showing video instructions of the refueling procedure for inexperienced drivers. Also, the dispenser features a zero-emissions nozzle for safe uncoupling from the vehicle. A card-reading instant payment module is available, too, as an option. According to the manufacturer, the unit is simple to install and can be easily added to any existing fuel station. What's going to come next? A dispenser featuring Angry Birds game to kill the boredom of waiting for your LPG tank to fill up, maybe? Who knows...


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