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Compac LPG dispenser - built to last


With worldwide demand for alternative fuels on the increase, Compac’s LPG dispenser is a great option for refueling sites the world over.
Compac LPG dispenser onsite© CompacAn efficient solution that will also enhance your site aesthetically - the Compac LPG dispenser

Having established it’s position as major supplier of CNG dispensers and dispenser technology throughout the world, Compac’s most recent release is worth a look at.

The LPG dispenser is unique because of the technology inside. Here you won’t find run-of-the-mill electronics or componentry. Compac has spent years developing its own technology. Specifically designed electronics and Compac’s very own coriolis mass flow meter make for high performance dispensers.
Benefits of the Compac LPG dispenser are reflected in the 3 main dispenser requirements – accuracy, security & reliability.

Accuracy of Compac dispensers is achieved through:

  • Density sensing;
  • Temperature sensing;
  • No meter wear, no calibration drift;
  • Detection of vapour & water;
  • Full error checking.

Security is achieved through:

  • Unique IDs matched electronics;
  • Tamper-proof meter communications;
  • Fully sealed meter.

Reliability is achieved through:

  • Meter has no moving parts, no wear;
  • No shaft seals on meter;
  • Easy to service;
  • Lower service costs.

The unique design and configuration of Compac’s LPG dispensers also offer other benefits and features:

  • No free LPG – highest possible accuracy. True error checking between meter and dispenser electronics prevents dispensing of un-metered LPG;
  • Safe filling – designed and approved to be installed in hazardous zones;
  • Meter can detect water and vapour – measures density, mass and temperature;
  • Meter display options – view mass, volume or compensated volume;
  • Designed to last – the dispenser frame is stainless steel. Flameproof enclosure for power supply and circuit boards is coated to protect electronics.

Compac LPG dispensers have received certification and approvals in many different countries. Copies of these are available on the company's website.
Compac is a New Zealand owned and operated company established in 1983. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service, having maintained global longstanding and valued customer relationships over our 30+ year history.


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