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New autogas nozzle for fleets unveiled

Although the new Euroconnector-style LPG refueling nozzle is an Elaflex product, the unveiling was hosted by CleanFUEL, its American distributor. The UL-listed ZVG2 nozzle is available immediately.

As we previously reported, the Euroconnector LPG refueling nozzle may to date have not been a hit in Europe, where it was developed and destined to be used, but instead its popularity is growing fast across the Atlantic, in the US. And why shouldn't it, since the standard is simple, safe and easy to operate?

There has been a recent industry push to standardize use of the Euro-style nozzle for autogas refueling in the United States based on its lower emissions and ease of refueling. We are excited to add the ZVG2 to our list of UL-approved available options. Many of our largest customers are utilizing the nozzles, and are thrilled with the performance and simplicity.

Curtis Donaldson, founder and managing partner of CleanFUEL USA

CleanFUEL has recently received the National Type Evaluation Program Certificate of Conformance for its autogas dispensers from the National Conference on Weights and Measures. This means the dispensers comply with stringent technical standards in terms of weighiing and measuring, but also they meet the requirements of the US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44.


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