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Compac dispenser's commercial site installation


A recent commercial site installation in Melbourne, Australia, shows the ability of Compac LPG equipment to deal with the round the clock refueling requirements.
Compac's LPG autogas dispensers at a refueling station© CompacCompac's LPG autogas dispensers are built tough to work around the clock and 24/7

The high use greenfield site has 4 Compac LPG Dual Dispensers installed plus Compac’s DCA. The site operates 24/7. Around 8-10 hours of non-stop refueling occurs every day with over 40 thousand litres of fuel each week been dispensed.

Compac LPG Dispensers use Compac’s V50 Mass Flow Coriolis Meter.  After years of experience with making mass flow meters for CNG, Compac developed the V50 meter for LPG. The meter allows for the highest possible accuracy in refueling, so no free gas is dispensed. It can detect water and vapour, measure density, mass and temperature and has display options for viewing mass, volume or compensated amount.

The site can be operated through a manual system or using the installed Compac DCA (Driveway Card Acceptor). When switched from manual mode, the DCA then controls the dispensers, allowing the site to be used completely unmanned. The dispensers can be authorized using a variety of options, while the UPS in the DCA means no transactions will get lost if mains power fails. The site operator/owner can view and monitor transactions in real time using CompacOnline. By logging in through any web browser all details of the site can viewed and monitored as needed. Alternatively, transactions can be physically downloaded using a USB stick and then transferred to the operator's computer for record keeping.

Situated on the outskirts of Melbourne the greenfield site is subject the extreme weather conditions. Compac dispensers are designed to operate in all types of weather. The unit is insulated against the heat and has an internal heater for use in damp, cold conditions. The DCA’s frame and all critical dispenser components are stainless steel. The power supply is contained in a flameproof enclosure and circuit boards are coated to protect electronics. Whether in extreme heat or cold, wind or rain, Compac dispensers have been well designed to handle these conditions.

Compac has 30+ years experience in the NGV market so are skilled in making suggestions about the equipment and site setup that would best suit their customers sites.


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