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JLM Gas Leak Detector Spray - seek and destroy


JLM Lubricants' range of products for the autogas sector goes beyond valve saver fluids and kits. The company also offers a leak detector spray, which helps locate and remove LPG or CNG escapes quickly and easily. And it's very efficient, too!
JLM Gas Leak Detector Spray© JLM LubricantsSpray and see - this is probably the easiest way of locating LPG/CNG leakages

Autogas system installers and MOT test technicians surely know such products very well and use them in their work on a daily basis. No wonder, since leak detector sprays provide simple, yet efficient means of locating leaks along the connection points in the autogas system without the need to use electronic sensors. The detector works on basically the same principle which is used to find a puncture on a bicycle tube, only in this case, instead of submerging the entire engine bay in water to seek for leaks it's perfectly enough to atomise some spray on connection points and look for bubbles emerging.

Functional properties may be of dominant importance when it comes to products like this one, but this doesn't mean user safety and environmental issues are omitted entirely. They're not and so JLM enumerates a number of the Gas Leak Detector Spray's other significant features. The product is:

  • non-flammable;
  • water-based;
  • devoid of oil, silicon and solvents;
  • odourless;
  • non-toxic;
  • non-corrosive;
  • compliant with the British Standard BS:EN14291 (required for English workshops and autogas installers);
  • fully functional in temperatures from -10° C and can be used in 360° angle (in any direction).

The can should be well shaken before use and then the Gas Leak Detector Spray is immediately ready for work. It's simple, it's safe and comes at an attractive price, too!


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