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Flashlube - a story of fighting recession


In the 1970s German scientist Wolfgang Kluenner developed Flashlube in Melbourne, Australia. Working for the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Kluenner recognised the problem of Valve Seat Recession in many vehicle engines that were running on LPG.
Wolfgang Kluenner, the Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid inventor© FlashlubeWolfgang Kluenner, the Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid inventor

Aware that automotive LPG distribution was increasing, Kluenner took it upon himself to study the problem and find a solution. His answer was to develop the original Flashlube Valve Saver Kit, and its specially formulated Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid. Comprising of a vacuum reservoir and a passing hose, the kit was created to be mounted under the bonnet of a vehicle to distribute the protective fluid and lubricate the valve seats of the engine and eradicate recession.

In 1995, Flashlube Pty Ltd was established to take Wolfgang Kluenner’s now fully developed technology to the world. One of the biggest steps for the company in recent times has been the release of the award winning Flashlube Electronic Valve Saver Kit in 2010. Awarded the Innovation Award at the 2011 LPG Show in Warsaw, the kit improves on Kluenner’s original Valve Saver Kit with an in dash low level sensor light, fluid level sensor and slimline bottle. Most importantly, it also incorporates an Electronic Control Unit governed by the engine duty cycle to moderate a consistent injection of fluid and ensure steady and reliable patented protection.

Using this kit, Kluenner’s Original Valve Saver Fluid has become the first product to be granted TUV approval in a road test, as opposed to the laboratory testing previously used for vacuum kits, which does not account for the vacuum variation experienced in differing driving conditions.

The award-winning Flashlube Electronic Valve Saver Kit Series 2© FlashlubeThe award-winning Flashlube Electronic Valve Saver Kit Series 2

2012 was another successful year for Flashlube, with the release of the Flashlube Valve Saver Kit Series 2, introducing a new design which is a large step from the original. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Valve Saver Kit Series 2 includes a 1-litre bottle of the iconic Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid to protect the vehicle’s engine for longer. The Series 2 won two INPRO Awards last year at the Poland Gas Show, in the Best LPG/CNG Additives category.

Over 34 years since its development, Flashlube is now used in over 80 countries worldwide. Spanning The Pacific, Europe, North America, South America and Asia across motor vehicle, farming, industrial, transport and motorcycle markets, Flashlube continues to offer solutions to the automotive industry.


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