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Valve Saver Fluid by Dutch company JLM Lubricants is one of the best known and most renowned valve saver solutions for LPG- and CNG-powered engines on the market today. What makes it stand out among similar products? Versatility and ease of use!
JLM Valve Saver Fluid top-up cans© JLM LubricantsRegardless of the valve saver kit type you have, most probably you can protect the valve seats of your car's engine with JLM Lubricants' product

There is a plethora of valve saver solutions available on the market today. They are generally substitutes of lead-based petrol additives, which were common back in the 1980s and before. As with lead-based additives, the role of those modern valve savers is to form a sort of protective cusion on the surface of valve heads and seats to slow down or even entirely prevent the otherwise inevitable process of valve seat recession, which progresses with mileage.

Valve saver fluids may be dosed into the engine in a couple of ways. The easiest one is to mix them with petrol directly in the tank during refueling, although this method is not particularly effective in an LPG- or CNG-powered car, which runs on petrol for a very limited time only. That's why additional dosing kits, fitted in the engine bay, are used. Some of them are vacuum-operated, others electronically controlled. The former are more affordable and easier to fit, the latter – more precise.

The JLM Valve Saver Fluid reconciles all methods of application. According to JLM Lubricants, the solution can be used on all LPG- and CNG-powered engines and is compatible with 99% of dosing kits offered today. This means using the product does not depend on a particular valve saver dosing kit developed, marketed and recommended by JLM Lubricants, although a JLM-branded kit is also available.

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This means JLM's product can be used for topping up other manufacturers' valve saver fluid reservoirs in the engine bay. Various capacities are available and among the most popular ones are the 500 ml and 1 l cans, which replaced the plastic bottles used to date. LPG system installers can also purchase larger, 5-litre bottles to top up their customers' valve saver fluid reserviors during regular inspections.

The new top-up cans feature new layout, evoking associations with premium products and emphasising the product's cleaning and protective characteristics. Furthermore, information included on the label is now available in as many as 15 languages, which complies with CLP regulations regarding branding of chemical products.

The JLM Valve Saver received the INPRO Award during the GasShow LPG/CNG/LNG fair twice (in 2011 and 2012), having been recognised as the best valve saver solution. Its effectiveness has also been proven in tests conducted by the TÜV and the HTW (Saarland University of Applied Sciences).

The versatile nature of the product is appreciated by users in all the countries where LPG and CNG help drivers cut their emissions and fuel bills. Compare the prices of top-up packagings and you may find the JLM Valve Saver Fluid is the alternative to your current valve saver solution you have been looking for. Also, ask your LPG installer and maintenance technician if JLM's Valve Saver Kit is on offer. If the engine of your car requires additional valve seat protection, the JLM Valve Saver Fluid is here to deliver!


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