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RPS Powerheater - packs some heat

Remember the LPG Startbox that we presented some time ago? It was an additional module reducing the use of petrol in cars converted to run on autogas. Now meet its sidekick – the Powerheater.
RPS Powerheater in housing© gazeo.comLooks like a filter at first glance, but after a moment you start thinking that a filter doesn't need a wiring harness

Just to remind you: the LPG Startbox is reportedly capable of cutting the petrol warm-up phase time down to as little as 0,5 s, thus boosting your savings (you drive in LPG mode for longer). The thing is, when ambient temperature drops below 12° C, the Startbox is no longer efficient enough, because there is no sufficient heat to vapourise LPG from liquid to gas (at least not without harming the reducer). This is when the Powerheater – an electric heating module – kicks in.

The device is cylindrical in shape and is made of aluminum to improve distribution of heat throughout it. Upon removing the outer cover a system of channels reveals itself, through which liquid state LPG flows. Deeper inside there's a bimetal heating piece, which serves to heat

RPS Powerheater without housing© gazeo.comThe internal channels have been designed to make LPG's journey longer to ensure efficient vapourisation

autogas within seconds to a temperature high enough to facilitate switchover from petrol to LPG mode. But before the fuel (preheated to 40-60° C) flows into the injectors, it has to go through the reducer as usual.

According to Rempel Power Systems, manufacturer of the Powerheater, the module – when combined with the LPG Startbox – allows to run on autogas in nearly Arctic conditions (at temperatures as low as -40° C). Quite frankly, we find this solution far more applauding than the Startbox alone, but we still insist on experiencing it firsthand before making a legitimate judgment. If you're interested in reading a test somewhere around here, keep your fingers crossed – we just might do it!


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