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Hana H2002 - injectors regrouped

Hana LPG/CNG injectors need little if any introduction. But the Korean brand's new product – the affordable H2002 injector rail – does. The manufacturer promises a price compromise without compromising quality.
Hana H2002 injector rail© Hana InjectorsLine up, injectors - you're on a rail now!

The new rail (based on technology of the renowned H2001 injector) is available in three- and four-injector variants, allowing conversions of a wide variety of cars featuring 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines. Irrespective of the number of injection nozzles, the H2002 is offered in two flow efficiency versions – the high flow rate blue one (1,3 Ohm) and the variable (through interchangeable nozzles) flow rate gold one (1,9 Ohm). In terms of engine power supported, the rail is capable of covering up to 60 PS/cylinder. As far as three-cylinder engines are concerned, this means the H2002 can be used broadly and universally, unless you manage to find a three-pot unit with more than 180 PS.

The producer promises that the rail's affordability doesn't stand for any compromise in quality, craftsmanship or durability. Noblesse oblige, they say, so a company who has built its name on legendary performance and endurance of its products, bordering on indestructibility, wouldn't launch an untested and unproven product with a potential to blow up its hard-earned image. The H2002 rail, featuring side LPG feed, is delivered complete and ready for fitting, requiring no extra fitting accessories. It seems like it's going to be a hit.


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