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Rail IG6 Potomac CNG injector

Italian company Rail announced a new gas injector approved for natural gas. Rail IG6 Potomac is the only injector that can be installed in an injection rail.
Rail IG6 Potomac CNG injector© RailRail IG6 Potomac CNG injector

Rail IG6 Potomac injector may be used in single or multi-point gaseous fuel injection systems and is dedicated to heavy duty engines.

The injector is powered by a 1.5-ohm coil equipped with a 2-pin waterproof connector, compatible with Amp system manufactured by Delphi.

IG6 Potomac operates at pressures of 3.5 to 5 bar (max. 7.5 bar), giving a minimum opening time of 2.5 ms (±5%).

Versions designed to work under different operating pressure and flow rates are available on request.


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