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Sector: LPG

MED injectors updated

MED injectors updated © MED

MED has introduced changes to its LPG injectors, commonly used in Landi Renzo autogas systems. The changes are designed to improve flow characteristics and to immunise the injectors to LPG buzz, as well as to limit contamination build-up.

Worth knowing

  • replacing 4-hole injectors with 12-hole ones may require tuning of the LPG injection map
  • it's forbidden to use 4- and 12-hole injectors simultaneously due to the flow characteristics differences at low loads and low rev speeds

That's not all: surfaces of working parts have been reworked to enhance immunity to sulphur compounds contained in LPG. To make the modified injectors stand out, MED has introduced new colour-coding. The injectors that used to be coded black are now replaced with blue ones, while green ones are superseded by orange ones.

Moreover, the new injectors have 12 additional holes along the perimeter (above filtering mesh), hence they are referred to as 12-hole injectors in Landi Renzo's official technical and press materials, as opposed to 4-hole injectors used before. Operating characteristics are nearly identical for both 4- and 12-hole injectors, with efficiency values exactly the same in the above-average engine load range. At idle engine speeds and short opening times, the 12-hole version is just slightly less efficient than the 4-hole version.


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