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Rail IG7 - the new horizon

The Italian company Rail, best known for developing and producing LPG/CNG injectors and injector rails, has expanded its line-up of products with the IG7 Navajo injector. It's a direct descendant of the IG3 Horizon model.
Rail IG7 injector rail© RailThe IG7 is available in the form of rails with 2 or 3 injectors each.

Production of the IG7 was initially supposed to kick off in February, 2013, but the obligatory homologation procedure took more time than originally planned and it wasn't until April that it was announced that the injector had been homologated to comply with 67R-01 (for LPG) and 110R-00 (for CNG) regulations. Sales are up already.

Technical specs are not available as of yet, but we expect the IG7 to inherit all of the IG3's advantages, such as operating speed and insensitivity to LPG contamination. If the IG7 proves to be better than its predecessor, it's bound to become successful. Will it? We'll see about that, but we can't see why not.


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