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Valtek type 39 - Westport's injector rail

LPG injectors are among the most important and most precise components of autogas systems and those systems' proper functioning in no small part depends on them. All the while LPG injectors are sensitive to heavy fractions and pollutants contained within the fuel.
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Valtek, now a part of the Canadian company Westport, started out in Italy in the 1990s. Within a couple of years the brand grew to become a known and renowned manufacturer and supplier of LNG and CNG injectors, electrovalves (for both gaseous fuels and petrol) and LPG reducers used in autogas systems.

One of Valtek's latest creations is the type 39 gas injector rail, available with 2, 3 or 4 injectors. All rails are certified to comply with the following regulations: 67R-01 (for LPG systems), 110R (CNG) and 10R-03 (electromagnetic compatibility). Two versions are offered, differing in efficiency – Standard (STD) and Big Flow Capacity (BFC). They feature coils with different resistance values, all equipped with AMP/Delphi connectors.

The rails' feed connectors are 11 or 12 mm in diameter, while individual injectors' nozzles are 1,5 up to 3,5 mm in diameter. Injector opening time (at 0,1 MPa pressure) is 1,8 ms for the STD version (2 ms for the BFC variant), while closing time is 1,6 ms and 1,4 ms, respectively.


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