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© Compac / Metering posts can be used for slow overnight CNG refueling of trucks or buses poprzednie następne
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NOVO Energy chooses Compac dispensers

REKLAMA NOVO Energy chooses Compac dispensers © Compac

When one of South Africa’s leading CNG energy companies, NOVO Energy, was planning their new flagship refueling site, they wanted world class technology to ensure a high standard of customer experience. They chose to use Compac.

NOVO Energy chose to use Compac for both dispensers and meter posts, allowing for cars and larger vehicles to refuel with the most appropriate equipment. Choosing Compac also meant the equipment integrated easily into their forecourt control systems. In October 2016 NOVO Energy officially opened the refueling station in Kew, Johannesburg, where the CNG dispensers and metering posts were installed.

This project is the commercial flagship of NOVO Energy within Johannesburg. The station has been designed using state of the art compression equipment and includes the integration of the latest dispenser technology.

NOVO Energy

Compac dispensers at NOVO Energy's station in Johannesburg, RSA© CompacNOVO becomes them - the livery suits Compac dispensers well

NOVO Energy said the aim was to attract the public transport operators, fleet owners and private individuals to use CNG as an alternative source of fuel for their vehicles. The City of Johannesburg is committed to protecting the environment with several sustainable initiatives within the city to promote cleaner air and reduced emission by their municipal fleets.

Having now installed Compac CNG dispensers and metering posts at the Kew station, the infrastructure is providing for the hundreds of NGVs operating within the city.

Both the dispenser and metering post contain Compac’s KG80 meter and the C4000 electronics. There are many benefits of refueling with this technology. These include:

  • no calibration drift – the dispenser automatically resets the zero point;
  • designed to last – frame and all dispenser components are stainless steel; flameproof enclosure is waterproof and circuit boards are coated to protect electronics;
  • easily serviced – valves are easy to access and can be serviced without removing pipework;
  • plug and play – dispensers are factory tested and calibrated, ready to use immediately;
  • no free gas – highest possible accuracy; true error checking between meter and dispenser electronics prevents dispensing un-metered gas;
  • safe filling – designed and approved to be installed in hazardous zones and won’t over pressurise cylinders.

With safety and accuracy key features, the combination of Compac dispensers and metering posts also provides a versatile functionality to the Kew refueling station. The end result being, a station that not only looks good, but also is highly efficient at meeting the NGV refueling needs of the City of Johannesburg.


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