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Spain subsidises LPG savings

As you all probably know, autogas brings hefty savings at the pump, but in order to start making them you need to invest some money in the beginning. Unless you happen to live in Spain – a subsidy system has just been introduced there to encourage conversions.
Opel Meriva GLP© auto-gas.netOpels are among the cars available with LPG systems right from the showroom in Spain, in no small part thanks to the fact the German brand has a factory in Zaragoza

As part of the 2017 edition of the so-called Movea Plan, 1,5 million euros have been allocated to persuade motorists to ditch petrol and diesel in favour of the more affordable and cleaner LPG autogas. The overall sum may be impressive, but how much can a single person receive? Up to 2750 euros, apparently, which is quite a penny in its own right. In certain parts of Europe, like Poland, Ukraine or Blugaria, this kind of money would be sufficient for the conversion of as many as four non-demanding popular cars, in Spain it should be just fine to fit an LPG system in one vehicle. But that's the point after all, isn't it?

However, to apply for the subsidy, in certain cases the motorists interested in participating in the scheme will have to scrap their old rides first and produce a confirmation of having done so to the dealer when shopping for a new, autogas-powered car. The dealer, having decided the bonus is applicable, will then sell the car with a discount and use the documents supplied by the customer to apply for a refund from the Movea Plan. The motorist won't have to do any more paperwork – instead they will be able to enjoy their new purchase and refuel at half the price right from day one.

There are currently over 30 models of new LPG-powered cars to choose from in Spain. Interestingly, slashing fuel bills by half isn't the only advantage you get – other perks include being able to access city centres at all times wihtout limitations and spending less on parking fares, at least in Madrid and Barcelona. While the subsidy only applies to new cars, the other benefits are available to anyone driving an LPG-powered vehicle as long as the vehicle qualifies to receive the ECO label issued by the DGT (General Traffic Directorate). That's how you support a budding autogas market! Way to go!


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