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Autogas gets promoted in Spain

A lot of good things seem to be happening for autogas in Spain lately, with the number of refueling stations and LPG-powered cars on the rise. The plan is to boost the figures even further and a scheme recently revealed by the government is supposed to help.

The plan was announced in Madrid on July 8 and aims to support vehicles powered with alternative energy (VEAs), including those running on LPG. It was an opportunity to outline the details, but also to discuss the challenges and opportunities laying ahead for autogas. As for opportunities, there are plenty – the number of LPG refueling stations is expected to rise from the current 500 to 1200 and the number of autogas-powered cars from 40 thousand today to 250 thousand by the year 2020. The goal is ambitious, but its proponents firmly believe it can be done within the remaining five years.

José Luis Blanco, director of the AOGLP© AOGLPThe plan has been well received by Spain's LPG industry. Let's hope it becomes properly implemented

The VEA plan has been well received by the AOGLP (the Spanish LP Gas Association). José Luis Blanco, the association's director, said the LPG sector hopes the plan will become the basis for the autogas industry development in the coming years. He added that the projected figures are perfectly feasible, especially that the sector has been working towards reaching them for more than the past 10 years. Luckily, Spain doesn't have to start from scratch – there may be relatively few stations and cars (especially when compared to Poland, Italy or Germany), but autogas is already a reality and its public perception is improving.

The Spanish LPG industry is ready and willing to help implement the VEA Plan, especially as far as infrastructure development, investment encouragement and public awareness campaigns are concerned. However, it is the government's job to stimulate demand through fiscal incentives – as proven in many countries before, people won't use autogas if it doesn't pay to choose it over petrol or diesel at the pump. We'll keep our fingers crossed for bright future of autogas in Spain!


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