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Autogas in Spain is going nowhere!

LPG autogas seems to be going nowhere but up in Spain. Not long ago there were next to no cars at all running on the fuel and if there were, there was nowhere to refuel them, but now the tide is turning and the market is expanding quickly.

A few years ago autogas was a fuel only taxi drivers were aware of, and not even all of them. Few people believed the fuel would ever emerge into the mainstream and while it may be too early to say it already has, it's getting closer than it has ever been. 40 thousand LPG-powered cars, refueled regularly at 450 stations, are a considerable force, with more to come sooner rather than later. The figures are firm as they have been published by the AOGLP – the Spanish Association of Operators of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The association's general director had this to add:

Increasingly, manufacturers are offering more models of LPG-powered vehicles, while the network of conversion workshops is getting stronger, so that a driver who wants to start using autogas has multiple options. Today there is already a basic network of over 440 filling stations offering autogas, allowing drivers to cross Spain from north to south only using this fuel.

José Luis Blanco, general director, AOGLP

A station offering autogas in Spain© AOGLPExpect more of these in Spain very soon!

As far as availablity of new cars is concerned, there are said to be over 50 models on offer with factory or dedicated LPG conversions. Also, all cars produced after 2001 are eligible for private conversions at the ever growing network of specialised workshops. No specific forecasts have been given, but autogas is generally expected to keep treading its path of growth in the years to come. If the fleet grows ten-fold, it would be quite something. After all, there are 13 million LPG-powered cars in Europe (half of all those in the world), so the 40 thousand figure is still quite modest. We have no doubt it can only get better.


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