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BRC SDI 2.0 gets new applications

Autogas conversion kits for direct-injected engines aren't as versatile as those for port-injected units – each engine code receives its own dedicated version. BRC has just added a bunch of new applications for its Sequent Direct Injection 2.0 system.
BRC Sequent Direct Injection 2.0© BRCFrom everyday cars to rally machines - LPG-powered DI engines work in all conditions

Virtually everybody's moving towards direct petrol injection these days. Not everybody chooses to downsize their engines by cutting the number of cylinders and turbocharge them to boost performance (take Mazda for example), but evidently direct injection is here to stay. BRC has two technologies available, as the company believes one solution better suits certain engines and the other proves more efficient in other units, but both product lines are developed simultaneously to remain to-date with what the market offers.

The SDI (Sequent Direct Injection) 2.0 system supplies DI engines with vapourised LPG pretty much the same way a sequential vapour state injection system for MPI units does – autogas vapourised in the reducer is applied through separate injectors into the intake manifold of the engine and enters the combustion chambers through intake valves. To protect the petrol injectors from overheating and failure, small petrol interjections are applied. As for the new engines the SDI 2.0 can be used to convert, the list is as follows:

  • Skoda Rapid 1.2i 16 V (CJZC) 66 kW Euro 6 (LPG);
  • Renault Megane 1.2i 16 V (H5F A4) 85 kW Euro 5B (LPG);
  • Chevrolet Silverado 5.3 (31) 255 kW Euro 5 (CNG);
  • Kia Carens 1.6i 16 V (G4FD) 99 kW Euro 6 (LPG);
  • Hyundai Tucson 1.6i 16V (G4FD) 97 kW Euro 6 (LPG);
  • Ford Tourneo Courier 1.0i (SFCC) 74 kW 74 kW Euro 6 (LPG);
  • Skoda Roomster 1.2i 16 V (CBZB) 77 kW Euro 5 (LPG).

More will surely follow, so be sure to watch this space for updates as they come.


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