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Autogas grows significantly in Spain

Nobody expects Spanish inquisition and it's been pretty much that way since 1970 or so. Not long ago few would have also expected autogas to grow in popularity and yet the fuel has been steadily gaining in terms of significance.
Autogas-related press conference in Spain© AOGLPThe autogas growth figures were announced during a special press conference

Growth rates in the past few years have been double-digit ones, while in three of the past four years autogas sales and number of conversions rose by 20 percent or more annually. 2015 was one such 20+ year, with consumption higher by as much as 22 percent than in 2014. As far as LPG-powered car registrations are concerned, the numbers are even more impressive – the 2015 figures are twice as high as those in the previous year! Over the past five years, autogas sales have soared in total by 117 percent. If this doesn't make your jaw drop at least a little, we don't know what will.

Should your LPG-loving heart desire specific data, here it comes – total autogas consumption in 2015 was 43207 tonnes, compared to 35559 tonnes the year before. 2439 new cars running on autogas were sold (the figure doesn't include aftermarket conversions), which is twice as many as in 2014. The total number of LPG-powered vehicles on Spain's roads is now approx. 50 thousand and they are refueled via a network encompassing 500 stations across the country. Net savings from switching to the cheaper, environmentally friendlier fuel amount to 40 percent on average.

Of course, the local autogas sector doesn't stop there – given the current figures and growth rates, the plan is to achieve 250 thousand cars and 1200 refueling points by the year 2020. Since autogas is supported and promoted by the state government (i. e. via the MOVEA programme – Plan to Promote Sustainable Mobility with Alternative Energy Vehicles), the projections seem perfectly feasible. We'll keep our fingers crossed just in case, but we rest assured autogas is there to stay in Spain.

We are convinced that this plan, as it has happened with other plans such as PIMA or PIVE, will contribute greatly to continue the upward trajectory of autogas.

José Luis Blanco, General Director of AOGLP (Spanish Association of LPG Operators)


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