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Autogas races to popularity in Spain

A local racing series in the Canary Islands is about to feature a car running on autogas thanks to an agreement between DISA Gas and Copi Sport. Tests of a converted engine will commence soon and if it withstands the rigours of high-performance driving.
DISA-branded racecars in a garage© DISA Gas/Copi SportThe car is yet to be revealed. Any bets?

Since autogas-powered racing cars are nothing new to us (we've heard about a few BTCC machines competing to great success a couple of years ago and of course there is Giandomenico Basso rallying in an LPG-powered Ford Fiesta R5), we expect the valuation to be simply formality before the car can be allowed to race on a regular basis, but we obviously understand a technology still rarely used in motorsport should be thoroughly tested before approval.

Apparently, Santiago Rull and Fernando Capdevila, representatives of DISA Gas and Copi Sport, respectively, are also confident LPG will fare well, because the agreement has been signed to run for the next four years. The car will begin competing in the 2016 season and we are sure it will prove its valour when pitted against petrol-powered competitors. Stay tuned for more!


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Robert Markowski
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