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LPG patrols the streets

The municipality of San Miguel de Abona in the Spanish province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has just purchased LPG-powered patrol cars for the local police force. Costs and emissions are down, the vehicles' life expectancy – quite the opposite.
LPG-powered police patrol car© auto-gas.netPolice forces around the world are warming up to LPG autogas

The idea is simple – cut the cost in half to use the cars twice as long as you normally would if they didn't have autogas systems on board. We don't know for sure, but it looks as if the municipality had a certain amount of money to spend on their cars' fuel over their lifetime, so with LPG they can operate them over a longer period. Or so it seems.

As far as the very conversion is concerned, it was made possible through collaboration between the city of San Miguel, AUVEA (the Association of Users of Alternative Energy Vehicles) and DISA, an operator of an autogas refueling network and retailer of autogas. The partnership was launched by the mayor of San Miguel de Abona, Arturo Gonzales, who is looking forward to the local police's reduction of expenses and boost in vehicle efficiency.

Since the cars are going to be used by the police force, they were tested on a distance of 10 thousand km before being officially handed over and entering duty. Not only did they prove reliable and slash running costs by 50 percent, but also improved their environmental record by emitting approx. 15 percent less carbon dioxide. San Miguel is now the first province of Tenerife to deploy autogas-powered patrol cars, but not the first in Spain in general.


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