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Green Hybrid Cup 2016 two rounds down the line

The Green Hybrid Cup racing series changed formula for 2016 and is now a part of the Italian Mountain Racing Championships. The season's first round took place on May 14-15 in Fasano, the second one – two weeks later.

As far as the cars participating in the Green Hybrid Cup are concerned, nothing has changed since the 2015 season – they're still autogas-electric hybrids based on Kia Venga minivans, whose combustion engines have been converted to run 100% on LPG with BRC autogas systems. These monofuel units generate 160 PS of power, while in-hub electric motors located in the rear wheels offer an additional boost of 25 PS.

After five years of exciting on-track struggle, time has come to introduce changes. As with every challenge we face, we look forward to this one with enthusiasm and passion. We hope to acquire new drivers and attract new fans to this competition and our products. We believe mountain racing is the perfect way to promote autogas conversion technology.

Sabina Froi, BRC marketing manager

Nicola Gonnella at Fasano© BRCNicola Gonnella won both races of 2016 Green Hybrid Cup's first round in Fasano

During the racing weekend in Fasano on May 14-15, as many as 260 cars were entered in all categories. The event was particularly intense for both drivers and organisers due to unstable weather, which made it difficult to properly prepare cars for each trial.

In the Green Hybrid Cup category, the first race was won by Nicola Gonnella, who crossed the finish line with a time of 3:22.080. Jimmy Ghione, known from the series' previous editions, came in second at 3:23.810, so with a loss of just about 1,5 s. Marcello Pazzanese was third at 3:26.560.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Ghione couldn't participate in the second race. Nicola Gonnella took another victory, taking advantage of being well aquainted with the course (he was born in the region). Marcello Pazzanese and Pasqualino Amodeo were the runners-up in this second trial.

Fabrizio Roncali at Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan© BRCFabrizio Roncali came second in the second round. If nothing changes, Nicola Gonnella will win all there is to win and all the others will fight for the next best thing - spot number two

The second round of this year's Green Hybrid Cup was held on May 28-29 in Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan. All in all over 300 crews were entered into the event, including the GHC series. The technically demanding course was 5,64 km long and average slope along it was 7,2%. Sadly, weather interefered once again – communication problems caused by a storm made the organisers call off one of the scheduled races.

Just like two weeks before in Fasano, Nicola Gonnella performed exceptionally well, taking another victory. The experienced Fabrizio Roncali came in second and third was Marco Ravinale. Young, but aspiring Giacomo Orioli managed to finish fourth.

The next round is scheduled to take place on June 25-26 in Coppa Paolino Teodori.

Drivers' general standings after two rounds:



1. Nicola Gonnella


2. Pasqualino Amodeo


3. Marcello Pazzanese


4. Domenico Fulvio Gentile


5. Fabrizio Roncali Polo


6. Jimmy Ghione


7. Vincenzo Locorotondo


8. Marco Ravinale


9. James Orioli


10. Marco Tamburlini


11. Cesare Cappa



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