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Green Hybrid Cup 2015 at Vallelunga

The penultimate, fourth round of the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup LPG-electric hybrid car racing series was held at the Autodromo di Vallelunga Piero Taruffi, better known as simply Vallelunga circuit. Who won this time? Has the leader of the season changed?
The STAKO car on track at Vallelunga© Green Hybrid CupAll cars are the same and they're randomly assigned to particular drivers before each race

The series features identical Kia Venga hybridised vans, each equipped with a 1,6-litre LPG-powered combustion engine generating 160 PS and additional wheelhub electric motors offering extra 25 PS of power in the form of driver-activated electric overboost. The cars are supplied by Kia Motors Italia and race-prepped by BRC Racing Team.

As usual during a Green Hybrid Cup racing weekend, there were two runs held and, as expected by many, Jacopo Lombardelli took victory in the first one. He had won the qualifying session, thus securing the pole position, and – once the race began – he remained in the lead from start to finish.

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Paolo Palanti started third in the first race, but lost his position in lap three and dropped to place seven. However, this gave him a spot in the first row for the start of the second race (the first eight drivers from the first run start in reversed order in the second one), next to Carlo Casillo, who took the pole position thanks to being eighth before.

Paolo Palanti after his victory in race two© Green Hybrid CupPaolo Palanti had a reason to celebrate in Vallelunga

Palanti launched better than Casillo and took the lead immediately after the start. Lombardelli, Ghione and Gnemmi followed closely, with Gulizia, Tommasin, Tolfo and Casillo struggling to progress into the leading three. In lap seven Giulio Tommasin, one of the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup season's favourites (he's second in the general standings), overtook Giuseppe Gulizia and was eventually fourth in the second race at Vallelunga.

Up front Paolo Palanti didn't yield and won, thus securing precious points. Before the season's final round, he is fourth in the general standings. Paolo Gnemmi, the series' reigning leader, came in sixth. The final round is coming to Varano on October 25 and there we expect Gnemmi and Tommasin to fight exceptionally hard to win the Italian Alternative Energy Sources Champion title. However, Jacopo Lombardelli and Paolo Palanti also still stand a chance, so expect them to do their best, too. We can't wait for the final round!


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