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Giulio Tommasin wins the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup

The final two races of the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup featuring LPG-electric Kia Venga hybrid racers took place at the Autodromo Piccardo Paletti circuit in Varano de'Melegari, Italy, on October 24-25, 2015. Giulio Tommasin took it all.

Giulio Tommasin, this year's debutant in the series, won the entire season, thus becoming Italy's alternative energy racing champion. Before the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup's final race he wasn't even leading the standings, so let us tell you how he managed to do it. Incidentally, he isn't the first young debutant to win the series – Alberto Viberti, Alessandra Brena and Gabriele Torelli have achieved the same feat before Tommasin, who is now 17 years old. By which we don't wish to demean his achievement – we're just saying young racers seem to enjoy that special bit of luck behind the wheels of LPG-electric Vengas.

Winners of the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup© Green Hybrid CupMeet the best three drivers of the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup: Giulio Tommasin (middle), Paolo Gnemmi (left) and Jacopo Lombardelli (right)

Tommasin qualified for a pole position in the first race, ahead of Edoardo Tolfo and Paolo Gnemmi. The latter had been the general standings' leader prior to the Varano races. As they started, so they achieved the finish, with Giuseppe Gulizia following in fourth place. Eighth came Jacopo Lombardelli, thus qualifying for a pole position in the second race of the weekend.

However, it was Carlo Casillo in the second row who was up for a really good start and he took the lead. In the third lap he was ahead of Lombardelli, Gulizia and Tolfo. Gnemmi, driving fifth, was trying hard to overtake Tolfo and he did, which would have been enough for him to win the entire season. Unfortunately for Gnemmi, though, Giulio Tommasin also overtook Edoardo Tolfo and stole the show. Congratulations to the new champ!

Final standings of the 2015 Green Hybrid Cup and the Italian Alternative Energy Championship (Campione Italiano Energie Alternative) are as follows:

  1. Giulio Tommasin – 167 pts;
  2. Paolo Gnemmi – 162 pts;
  3. Jacopo Lombardelli – 125 pts.


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