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Autogas coming to Cenex-LCV 2015

If you haven't heard of Cenex-LCV, it's UK's leading low carbon vehicle event. Given that, LPG autogas couldn't miss this oppotunity to present itself, otherwise the event would be missing something. And so the fuel will be there via three vehicles.

The three cars are: a Ford Focus, a Fiat Doblo and a London black taxi cab. The choice is anything but accidental, since the vehicles aren't just going to show how versatile LPG is as motor fuel, but also they're set to fight some autogas-related stereotypes. In fact, each of the cars will address one particular half-truth concerning the fuel. And here come the details.

© gazeo.comThis black cab is actually yellow, but in fact it's also very green, because it runs on CNG. And although it's a London taxi, this particular example is used in Warsaw

The Focus features a downsized, direct injected engine and some believe such units cannot be successfully converted to LPG. Well, they can. We don't have the details, but Ford's hatch has had its EcoBoost engine converted to run on autogas, which further boosts economy (a 1,0-litre turbo unit may use less fuel than a 1,6 MPI one, but LPG is bound to cost any fuel bill in half, so it always pays off to make the switch).

The Doblo goes to show that, against popular opinion, there are autogas-powered vans for businesses seeking to cut their fuel bills. Small delivery vehicles usually operate in cities and cover substantial distances in their everyday service, so LPG is the perfect choice. Of course, many vans in this category can only be purchased as diesels, but the Doblo is offered with petrol engines, too, so the solution is right there for those who want to reach out and grab it.

Last but not least, the black cab wants to explode the myth of meeting the Euro 6 emission standard not being possible with autogas. These days most of those cars are motivated by Diesel engines, yet the example to be displayed at Cenex-LCV will feature an LPG unit, having been re-engined to meet today's strict emission requirements. The car is fully Euro-6-compliant and ready to serve London and other British cities for a number of years to come. In fact, it's not at all impossible that all black cabs will be soon LPG-powered, especially with pressure on clearing air in UK's cities growing quickly.

For those of you willing to participate and see the line-up of autogas-powered vehicles at the 2015 edition of Cenex-LCV, mark your calendars for September 9-10 and head for Millbrook. We hope and believe the three vehicles to be displayed will make some waves and convince visitors that LPG-related stereotypes are nothing more than, well... stereotypes. They may tend to die hard, but eventually they have to.

We’re delighted to once again be taking part in the Cenex LCV event, and look forward to introducing visitors to the fantastic variety of autogas LPG powered vehicles we have on display. We’re inviting fleet operators and drivers to come and chat with us to see not only how much they could save on fuel costs but also how running vehicles on LPG is a simple and effective way of helping to tackle the growing issue of air pollution in our towns and cities.

Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas


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