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LPG to improve air quality in London

According to a study conducted by the King's College London, one of England's royal academies, each year up to 9400 people die in UK's capital due to longterm exposure to pollutants contained in the air. Here's where LPG swoops in.

The number of annual deaths turned out to be twice higher than originally estimated. Premature deaths are related to two primary pollutants, both common in car exhaust gasses: nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and the finest particles of soot or particulate matter (PM2,5). LPG-powered cars emit significantly less harmful compounds than those whose engines run on petrol or diesel. To be more precise, autogas-powered engines produce up to 80% less nitrogen dioxide and up to 98% less particulate matter than equivalents fueled with diesel.

These latest figures are incredibly worrying and show that immediate action is required by the Mayor’s office to protect the health and save the lives of those living and travelling into the city. In the past, incentives were available to those converting to LPG. Motorists travelling into the Capital on autogas LPG were also rewarded for taking the cleaner option by receiving a 100 percent discount from the congestion charge. However, since the Mayor’s office removed this discount and the wider conversion incentive was withdrawn, many drivers fail to consider this cleaner alternative, often going back to more heavily polluting diesels. By re-introducing the discount for LPG powered cars and offering conversion incentives once again, many motorists will be encouraged back to the cleaner fuel and we can start making an immediate improvement in London’s air quality.

Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas

The latest news concerning low quality of air over London was published a couple of months after the Supreme Court ordered British government to take immediate action aimed at improving air quality across the country as it remains below par compared to other EU states. Great Britain has been punished a number of times for failing to meet air quality standard requirements as outlined by EU authorities. Will autogas come to the rescue? We sure hope so.


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