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Autogas conversion network grows in UK

Autogas steadily gains popularity as motor fuel of choice in Great Britain. With the addition of five new conversion workshops across the country, more drivers should be tempted to abandon petrol and diesel in favour of LPG.

As cited by Autogas, a joint venture between Shell and Calor, new workshops will be located in key strategic locations around the country, including Edinburgh and Birmingham. The locations have been meticulously selected to make sure the network is evenly spread, but also there was the criterion of technical competence and compliance with rigorous quality requirements. Five best candidates were chosen and the network is ready to grow.

This pioneering scheme is part of our long term vision to place LPG as a leading solution to the growing problem of air pollution. In making autogas LPG conversions more readily available and ensuring converters deliver the best service for fleet operators and private individuals, we expect that many more drivers will be making the switch to the cleaner fuel which also helps to significantly lower their fuel bills too.

Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas

Autogas conversion in progress© Autogas Ltd.If Autogas' plans come to fruition, expect to see this kind of picture more often in the UK, starting soon

LPG is expected to take off particularly fast in the forthcoming months, because the UK government is about to prepare new air quality regulations to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The country has been breaching the EU-set limits for NOX emissions for years (mainly due to the large number of diesel-powered cars on the roads), but now autogas offers the chance to eliminate the problem with the adoption of more LPG-powered vehicles. The new conversion workshops are expected to help meet the projected growing demand for economical, environment-friendly cars.

While five doesn't impress much as the number of newly added installers around the country, Autogas intends to add as many as 20 workshops overall by the end of 2015. Recruitment and scrutiny for new members of the conversion network is already underway, so more announcements of newly added shops should be expected fairly soon. We'll keep you informed if anything comes up.


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