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Czech out Bonett's CNG station network

The Czech CNG market is a decentralised one, with many station operators competing to get customers' attention. Bonett Gas Investment, with a network of approx. 30 retail points, is the largest one and working hard to keep it that way.
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Of those 30+ stations in Bonett's portfolio, 8 were launched in June and July, 2017, alone. Which goes to show how serious the company is about improving its business and how competition benefits end users. If only it worked this way in Poland, just across the border...

But coming back to the matter at hand, Bonett's latest CNG station locations in Czech Republic are: in Cestlice off the D1 motorway, in Pardubice, in Stodulky, in Nachod, near Brno off the D1 motorway and off the D5 near Tachov. Construction is underway on a station by the Vaclav Havel airport in Prague. This is going to be the 30th retail point in Bonett's network.

The location was particularly difficult to negotiate, but to us it was a matter of prestige, especially given the number of cars circulating the area. Luckily, we succeeded in securing it.

Vaclav Holovcak, vicepresident, Bonett Gas Investment

Bonett doesn't mean to stop there – more stations are planned, including locations in Brno, Ostrava, Plzen and other cities. All recent and future stations feature efficient compressors and ample storage capacities, providing 1200 m3 of compressed natural gas at hand. Refueling a passenger car takes no more than 2-3 minutes on average. Payment for fuel can be made with special Bonett CNG cards as well as regular debit cards. Some points accept cash as well.

The stations can be further expanded – should demand rise, their efficiency can be easily boosted by another 500 m3/h. By the end of 2017 Bonett will invest an equivalent of approx. 6,6 million euros in constructing new stations and expanding the existing ones. A station in the city of Zebrak has been modified recently, with Bonett expecting a 30% sales increase. All those actions are aimed at exceeding the overall number of stations in the network to beyond 40.


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