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Shell opens first European LNG station

LNG is catching on in Europe – there are LNG-powered city buses in Olsztyn and Warsaw (Poland), a new refueling station in the UK (by ENN) and now another retail point has been launched in the Netherlands. Where exactly and for whom?

The station is located in Waalhaven – a harbour part of the city of Rotterdam – near the A15 motorway, a major truck route to Belgium, France and Germany. LNG tank capacity is 70 thousand litres, which means the new station can serve up to 170 heavy duty trucks per day, every day. First customers include transport companies SUEZ Environment NL, Vos Logistics and ABS Trucking. Fuel supplies for the station are made through a special tanker loading facility, itself a part of the GATE (Gas Access to Europe) terminal on the Maasvlakte (harbour area and industrial estate outside of Rotterdam, part of the Europoort).

It’s great to see customers now fill their trucks with LNG at the Shell gas station. We are proud to take the lead in the development of safe and cost efficient LNG fuel technology.

Giorgio Delpiano, General Manager, Commercial Fleet

Shell's first European LNG station© ShellWill more stations follow? Why shouldn't they?

If demand for LNG increases, Shell is ready to open more stations throughout the Netherlands. And so they probably will, since LNG is systematically gaining momentum in Europe. Stations are built and launched across the continent as part of the LNG Blue Corridors initiative, aimed at creating a network of liquefied natural gas refueling points for heavy road transport along Europe's major international roads. This obviously means less nitrogen oxides and particulate matter in the air and less noise emitted by transcontinental trucks, so our thumbs go up for any new LNG station.


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