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Electric and CNG-powered buses in Beijing

Authorities in Beijing plan that by 2017, bus fleet in public transport will consist in 80% of electric vehicles and those powered by natural gas, which is supposed to lower emissions of harmful components in exhaust gas and reduce air pollution.
A Chinese BYD bus displayed at the Transexpo fair in Poland© gazeo.comChinese electric bus BYD in Kielce, Poland

The Chinese capital has almost 14 thousand buses operating in public transport.

By 2017, 4058 buses will be powered electrically and further 7185 by compressed natural gas (CNG).

It is assumed that it will lead to reducing emissions of harmful components from exhaust gas produced by public transport by half.

According to the plan, in 2014 Beijing’s public transport fleet will have over 700 new electric buses and 1950 new gas vehicles.

Just for comparison, between January and August 2013, Polish carriers purchased 869 buses with gross weight exceeding 3,5 t.


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