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Argentina - a CNG tycoon

Argentinean Association of Automotive Makers has presented a report which shows that 15% of all cars used in this country are powered by compressed natural gas. Is that a lot or not really? Well, that depends...

According to the survey, passenger cars constitute 86.7% of all vehicles, 9.7% are commercial cars and 3.6% are heavy vehicles (including trucks and buses).

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CNG is available in Argentina at 1959 stations. 22 of them were built in 2013 to meet the growing demand.

In 2013, almost 160 thousand cars were adapted to CNG (55% more than in 2012), and the average monthly sale of this fuel was 235 million m3.

49.3% of all cars and 80% of gas-powered cars are used in the province of Buenos Aires. Cordoba comes second and Santa Fe third amounting to a total of 19.4% of all vehicles in Argentina.

The report points out that in recent years the number of vehicles converted to CNG has increased significantly. As a result, currently 15% (almost 2.3 million) of cars in Argentina are powered by CNG, 51% by petrol, and the remaining 34% by diesel. Hybrid cars (petrol-electric) are not widely popular in the Argentinean market. It’s estimated that there are less than 250 such vehicles in Argentina.

80% of all CNG-powered cars is registered in the province of Buenos Aires, in the city of Buenos Aires, in Cordoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe.

The average age of a car in Argentina is 13 years. It decreased significantly since 2011, when it was 18.5 years. That’s because a large number of cars was produced in recent years and the older ones are being gradually withdrawn.

According to the Association of Automotive Makers (Asociación de Fábricas de Automotores – ADEFA), automotive industry in Argentina recorded a 317% increase in production between 2003 and 2012. 70% of manufactured vehicles are exported, mainly to Brazil and Mexico.


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