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Lidl goes LNG

Italian division of the Lidl chain of stores will be provided with transport and logistics by LC3, a company whose fleet includes vehicles powered with liquefied natural gas (LNG). More specifically, those vehicles are Iveco Stralis LNG Natural Power semi-truck tractors.
Iveco Stralis LNG Natural Power wearing Lidl Italia livery© LogicompanyAs clean as it gets - the Iveco Stralis LNG Natural Power

The Stralis LNG Natural Power stores most of its fuel in liquefied form in a cryogenic tank with a capacity of 510 l. Some gas is also stored in compressed form (CNG) in four pressure vessels, 70 l gross capacity each. Thanks to all this, the Stralis boasts a driving range remarkably high for a methane-powered vehicle – over 750 km. This allows to use the truck for long-distance hauling.

15 LNG-powered Stralises provided by LC3 will deliver goods to Lidl Italia chain – comprosing 570 stores at the moment – beginning in early 2015. The vehicles are equipped with Cursor 8 LNG engines manufactured by FPT Industrial, a part of CNH Industrial N.V. – the company owning Iveco. The engines are Euro 6-compliant and have 330 PS of power.

LC3 is one of the leaders in controlled-temperature long-distance transport and the 15 Stralises set to work for Lidl are a part of a fleet of 50 such vehicles recently purchased by the company. An Iveco Stralis LNG Natural Power used in a 40-tonne semi-truck assembly covering 120 thousand km per year emits by 6000 kg less CO2 than a comparable diesel-powered vehicle. To offset this amount of carbon dioxide, 1000 trees are required.


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