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Istanbul bets on CNG and electric buses

Authorities of the company Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Establishments (IETT), the public transport operator in the 14-million-people city of Istanbul, Turkey, have announced their intention to make CNG-powered and electric vehicles more common.

Mümin Kahveci, IETT's director general, has revealed his company's ambitious plans concerning restructuring the fleet. Until the year 2019 25% of the public transport vehicles are supposed to run on electricity and another 30% on CNG (compressed natural gas). The process has already started – 850 brand new vehicles have been purchased and approx. 3000 city buses have been subject to maintenance and refurbishment.

At the moment there are 360 CNG-powered buses on the streets of Istanbul. Their advantages against diesel counterparts, among them primarily lower emissions of harmful exhaust gasses and noise, have convinced IETT to keep going the natural gas path – 125 articulated buses running on compressed methane. The company prides themselves on the fact that their fleet is one of the youngest and most advanced technologically in Europe – IETT's vehicles are on average just 5,5 years old.


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