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Van Hool Exqui.City gas hybrids

Van Hool – a company from Belgium – delivered a double-articulated hybrid Exqui.City bus (gas-electric) to the Swedish city of Malmö. The bus is 24 meters long and is the first of 15 ordered vehicles.
Van Hool Exqui.City city bus© Van HoolVan Hool Exqui.City city bus

This low-floor bus that combines the characteristics of a tram and a bus is almost 24 meters long and moves on 4 axles equipped with 12 wheels (2 central axles have twin tires). The vehicle is adapted to the BRT system (Bus Rapid Transport) – it’s able to move on dedicated bus lanes with suitably adjusted bus stops.

It has a multiple power platform which means that the gas engine manufactured by MAN which meets EURO 6 emission standards and is placed in the rear part of the vehicle (as in a classic bus), drives an electric generator which, in turn, provides voltage to the electric engine manufactured by Siemens, which transfers torque to the second axle. Putting the combustion engine in the vehicle’s rear part ensures low noise level and thus improves comfort for passengers.

© Van HoolThe interior of the Exqui.City

Biogas that powers the combustion engine is stored in type III tanks manufactured by Luxfer-Dynetek and placed on the roof. Type III means that an aluminum liner was used with a reinforcing layer of carbon fiber saturated with resin.

During braking electricity charges the batteries that are also placed on the roof.

Apart from the double-articulated 24 meter long version there’s also an 18 meter long version of the bus. So far, Van Hool Exqui.City buses were ordered by: Metz, Barcelona, Parma, Geneva, Luxembourg, Malmö and Bergen. They are also used in Martinique.


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