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The USA encourage use of alternative fuels

Autogas is growing strong rapidly in the US. To further boost the tendency, law is being changed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start in the automotive LPG business. Now this is an example worth following all over the world!
The US Capitol buildingfot. WikimediaIf you like autogas, you should like this building - the people inside support the use of LPG as motor fuel

US Senator Debbie Stabenow, Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, has lately introduced a new bill named the Alternative Fueled Vehicles Competitiveness and Energy Security Act of 2013, which is expected to provide extra money for manufacturers of propane-powered vehicles, as well as powered by natural gas or pretty much any other alternative fuel. The new regulation would support Department of Energy's loan programs to improve vehicle technologies and infrastructure. Also it has been designed to popularise other alternative fuels to make America independent from imported oil in transportation sector.

This special bill should encourage companies to establish public-private cooperation by offering them technical assistance. Another great fact is that it ensures grants to public colleges and higher education institutions to set up new training programs for young people who want to become manufacturers or just employees in the fuel sector in their future.


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Justyna Dopieralska
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