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© MAN Latin America / The way CNG tanks are located in Volkswagen Constellation does not reduce the vehicle’s cargo space poprzednie następne
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Volkswagen Constellation CNG for AMBEV brewery

Volkswagen Constellation CNG for AMBEV brewery © MAN Latin America

Volkswagen Constellation 24.280 manufactured by MAN Latin America and powered by CNG will be tested in Rio de Janeiro as a part of AMBEV brewery fleet.
Handing over a Volkswagen Constellation 24.280 CNG© MAN Latin AmericaHanding over a new Volkswagen Constellation CNG

Volkswagen Constellation 24.280, which runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and is manufactured by MAN Latin America will hit the streets of Rio de Janeiro in May 2014. It emits 20% less carbon dioxide (CO2) compared to traditional diesel-powered vehicles, and is characterized by reduced noise level that improves driver's comfort.

CNG tanks mounted behind the cab do not reduce the vehicle’s cargo space compared to the diesel-powered version. The typical body manufactured by Randon equipped with shutter doors on all sides can hold up to 10 pallets with a total of 9,400 bottles of beer. Gas tanks capacity was chosen so that it provides a driving range of about 200 km, which is sufficient in urban distribution.

We’ve been partners of AMBEV for over ten years, and for this project we can count on the company truck fleet, the country’s largest, to help us determine the best way for widespread use of this fuel

Roberto Cortes, President and CEO of MAN Latin America

Protecting the environment is one of AMBEV’s key commitments as part of their cooperation with MAN Latin America – a company that manufactures Volkswagen vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).


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