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Shaped LPG tanks

Shaped LPG tanks © Portinox

The idea of constructing LPG tanks fitted to the shape of the car’s body is not new. Attempts to create such tanks have already been undertaken by various manufacturers. Unlike petrol tanks, an LPG tank must also be resistant to gas pressure.
A shaped LPG tank by Portinox© PortinoxA shaped LPG tank by Portinox

An example of the second generation Renault Laguna is an example of a car equipped with such a gas tank. The hatchback version as well as the Sport Tourer with 1,6 16V engines were equipped with specially shaped LPG tanks placed under the floor. The tank can hold up to 61 liters of fuel. Its capacity is about 50% higher compared to a toroidal tank placed in the spare wheel well.

In addition, this solution did not limit luggage space and the tank’s record-high capacity assured the vehicle’s driving range on gas was about 600 km. The LPG tank for this version of the Renault Laguna was created by Spanish company Portinox, a fittings manufacturer (the company produces e. g. stainless steel sinks).

The relatively complex structure of the tank meant it had to be formed of stainless steel through the process of hydroforming. The use of such material and technology caused a reduction in the tank’s weight by about 50% compared to conventional tanks (with the same capacity).

It means that with this capacity, the tank is about 25 kg lighter. In the case of large family cars, it reduces the vehicle’s curb weight by about 2%. What’s more, the tank made of stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance even without additional protection, which – as we know – is very important when access to the tank is limited.


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