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PPI - conquering America out of the box

Propane Performance Industries (or PPI for short) is a New Zealand company that surprised the autogas sector not long ago by announcing innovative LPG tanks. Not only aren't they made of steel, but also they're not toroidal or cylindrical in shape as most autogas canisters are.
Propane Performance Industries aluminium LPG tank© Propane Performance IndustriesGiven relatively low LPG storage pressure, autogas tanks escape the tank shape rigours typical of those applicable to CNG bottles

PPI tanks, which we have already introduced, are made of aluminium. When it comes to shape, they resemble sets of partially interfusing cylinders (in such a way that width doesn't equal height anymore). This allows to use available space more efficiently by packing more net capacity into smaller gross capacities of tanks. Particularly so because PPI's tank packs can be fitted horizontally or vertically (on either side).

However, we're writing about the product again just for the thrill of it – there's more. The New Zealand company have just obtained ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certification, which means the tanks can now freely enter the US market – one of the fastest growing and most promising in the world today. If PPI succeeds there, its products may also enter European markets. Any why shouldn't they – such tanks would provide a brilliant solution for converting trucks and buses to run on a blend of LPG and diesel!


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