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SsangYong XLV LPG - a modern taxi

In some countries there are dedicated taxi cabs only, in certain others pretty much any car can serve as taxi. In Spain they have something in between – various cars, but common liveries. Now a newcomer joins the taxi fleet in Madrid.

Like practically all other South Korean car manufacturers, SsangYong offers LPG-powered variants of its crossovers and SUVs in at least several European markets. They are usually the ones from the lower range of this still exotic brand's line-up, i.e. the small Tivoli, its extended version dubbed the XLV and the one size bigger Korando. The middle one has just been homologated for taxi service in Madrid, Spain and soon the car will come to Barcelona for the same purpose.

SsangYong XLV LPG in Spanish taxi livery© auto-gas.netA white car with "crossed out" doors - irrespective of the car's make and model, that's how you recognise a taxi in Spain

Tivoli and XLV: brothers, sort of

The XLV is the Tivoli's twin in techological sense, hence they share the same engine. It's a 1,6-litre unit offering 128 PS of power and 160 Nm of torque, transmitted to the front wheels via a manual gearbox. The motor runs on autogas supplied from a 53-litre toroidal tank fitted in the spare wheel well underneath the trunt floor. Savings generated by the cheaper fuel are up to 40%, but there's more to it than money: using LPG instead of diesel (typical fuel for taxi cabs) cuts particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by 90%. And diesel is on its way out in Spain, since authorities have gone to war with it.

A faux-offroader taxi

Why make a taxi out of a crossover instead of a conventional sedan? It's a sign of the times, probably – crossovers and SUVs have practically killed vans and a number of mid-size sedans and estates and are now on their way to do pretty much the same with compacts and superminis. A roomy cabin, a spacious boot and a tall body, making it easy to get in and out of the car, give the XLV an edge over other types of vehicles currently in use in taxi fleets, particularly good old sedans and hatchbacks. A 5-year warranty (with 100 thousand km limit) and a retail price of 14500 euros plus VAT make the decision to buy a SsangYong all the more easy to make...

Buy cheap, refuel for free

Now comes the best part: taxi drivers who choose the XLV as their next worktool will receive 1000 euros worth of fuel coupons, to be used on any of the 370 stations in the Repsol, Campsa and Petronor networks. It's safe to say we know what kind of taxis will soon dominate the landscape in Madrid and Barcelona...


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