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Spain to have 1500 LPG stations by 2020

While some autogas markets around in the world sadly decline and others remain stable after years of rapid development, LPG as motor fuel is also quickly growing in certain parts of the globe. Spain is one such place, with ambitions to triple the number of LPG outlets in three years.
A Fiat 500 refueling with LPG at a Repsol station in Spain© auto-gas.netRepsol is doing it the right way - opening more stations to encourage more conversions

Repsol, a local energy company, already has the largest autogas retail network in the country, but they don't mean to stop where they are with 500 stations. According to Jaime Fernández Cuesta, Repsol's LPG executive director, announced that within just three years, i.e. by the year 2020, the number will expand to 1500, thus making it possible to serve five times the number of vehicles serviced today.

Even though the stations in operation today are more than enough for Spain's current autogas needs, new outlets are expected to help boost the number of LPG-powered vehicles on the roads. It's always been like that – if you want people to buy more cars, give them stations to refuel it first and that's what Repsol intends to do. In this case it's particularly easy, since the company already manages a wide network of outlets and incorporating autogas bulk tanks and pumps is very little of a problem.

We must admit we admire the boldness with which Spain acts to develop its budding autogas market. Local companies and organisations are very active in promoting the fuel and there is much will to lay the groundwork and encourage motorists to make the switch, without idly waiting for everyone to learn and appreciate the benefits of LPG on their own. It's an example worth following, so if there's someone out there willing to help boost autogas in their own country, be sure to look up to Spain!


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