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Citroën C3 switches to autogas in Spain

If you visit regularly, you know autogas is on the rise in Spain. The newly introduced Citroën C3 GLP, available converted straight from the dealership, just goes to confirm this. Given its price, it should be an instant success.
Citroën C3 LPG© CitroënStands out from the crowd at half the cost - can your car do that?

Thanks to its quirky, yet cute looks the C3 is a good alternative to more conventional superminis, like the Fabia, Corsa or Polo. Now, with the optional LPG autogas system, it can be even more alternative, giving its owner some very tangible benefits (in the form of lower fuel bills) and the freedom to go wherever he or she pleases (without limitations). All of this for a very attractive price of 15000 euros (1500 euros on top of a petrol-only counterpart).

The autogas-powered C3 features Citroën's 1,2 PureTech three-cylinder engine good for 82 PS (mated to a five-speed manual gearbox), which is perfectly sufficient for a small car like this one. The unit has been modified for conversion, now featuring reinforced valve seats. The LPG system is well integrated into the vehicle, which is hardly surprising given it is converted right in the factory. The tank holds 33,6 l of LPG and the refill valve is under the petrol refueling flap, right to the left of it.

According to Citroën, the converted C3 makes do with just 4,9 l of autogas per 100 km, spewing out 101 g/km of CO2 in the process. Seeing is believing, but even 8 l/100 km would be a good result. And since this is a factory conversion, we hope the LPG option will soon appear in other markets, such as Poland, Turkey, Germany, Italy or France. Let's keep our fingers crossed!


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