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Madrid wants more autogas

The so called Renove Plans are being introduced in Madrid, capital of Spain, to encourange conversions of cars to cheaper, cleaner fuels. This is an opportunity for LPG and CNG to penetrate the market even faster than to date.
Traffic in the streets of Madrid© auto-gas.netMany of the cars pictured here may soon be powered with LPG or CNG

As many as 14 Renove Plans have been approved since the beginning of 2016, with 3,82 million euros allocated overall. Of this sum, 670 thousand euros have been added lately in the form of 4 new plans, including 420 thousand euros assigned to induce conversions of cars to run on gaseous fuels – LPG autogas (which is already growing fast in Spain) and CNG (compressed natural gas), the latter being primarily used so far by heavy duty vehicles, such as garbage trucks or buses. In detail, 250 thousand euros have been allocated to LPG and 170 thousand to CNG.

The money will be used to subsidise conversions of petrol-powered vehicles. Each driver applying for the campaign will be able to reduce the cost of fitting an LPG or CNG system to their car by 400 euros – 200 euros will be paid directly to the vehicle owner, the other 200 will be deducted from the conversion invoice when the procedure is complete. By spending 670 thousand euros on the recent Renove Plans, authorities of Madrid expect to generate investment of 3,5 million euros, not to mention reducing urban pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and noise levels by replacing conventionally powered vehicles by cleaner ones.


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