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IG7 Navajo - rail by Rail

Rail, the Italian developer and manufacturer of LPG and CNG injection... well... rails, has announced the upgrading of the IG7 Navajo model. Expected in the fall of 2016, the new product will boast a number of improvements.
Rail IG7 Navajo injector rail prototype© RailJust like cars, injector rails can receive mid-life makeovers to keep them relevant before entirely new models appear to replace them

On the outside, the upgraded IG7 Navajo injector rail will feature new design to distinguish it from the currently available version, but the most important improvements will be hidden from plain sight. They are going to include:

  • higher durability;
  • shorter injector opening and closing time;
  • improved efficiency.

Prices are expected to start from 33-35 euros for the four-cylinder version.

The „facelifted” IG7 Navajo will enter sales in October/November 2016. Before it does, the changes introduced by Rail will be thoroughly tested, both in the company's laboratories and out in the field, in real-world driving conditions. This way the manufacturer makes sure the product is tried and reliable when it reaches customers later in the year. However, preorders are already accepted.


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