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G-1 Evolution - electronic (r)evolution

The greatest innovations tend to come from the least expected directions. For instance, who suspected an LPG reducer changing our entire perception of autogas vaporising would come from a former Yugoslavian republic? We have definitely heard about the existence of Slovenia, we would find it on the map given a bit of time, but this came out of the blue. Time to make up for the wasted time.
The reducer has nothing to hide!© G-1A section of the reducer reveals "snake like" channels in the water jacket chamber - they are supposed to enhance heat transmission and enable quicker petrol-to-LPG switching

Membrane-less reducers are not actually new, but all those we have known so far were based on mechanical solutions, with rubber elements replaced with pistons. Obviously, piston technology improves durability and reliability (rubber membranes are relatively short-lived) as well as helps keep parameters stable over time (rubber loses elasticity fairly quickly), but a piston reducer still looks like an old-fashioned alarm clock and needs certain room in the engine bay. G-1's latest invention, itself a part of the firm's Evolution sequential gas injection system, is a brand new concept – it is electronically controlled and resembles (if anything at all) a pack of cigarettes.

There is little exaggeration since the Slovenian vaporiser's dimensions are mere 83 x 108 x 65 mm. It may be small, but still very potent – as the producer claims, the device may be used for converting engines up to 350 HP. The reducer's very body, compact as it is, houses also a MAP sensor, temperature sensor and an overpressure protection system which self-engages at 6 bar. And speaking of pressure: it is regulated by an electronically operated, tailor-made valve which collects data from two pressure sensors. For proper heat transfer, a unique water chamber has been designed and thoroughly tested. Is this the future of LPG reducers? If so, it sure seems interesting!


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