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LPG - it's easy: Meet LPG, CNG, LNG

The grand premiere of the "LPG – it's easy" series is now within hours. The first episode goes live tomorrow and from it you're bound to learn why there are three abreviations while in fact there are just two gaseous fuels, how much methane must be cooled to become liquid and much more. Stay tuned to!
LPG - it's easy!© gazeo.comIt really is! Wait 'til you see the film and you'll admit it

Enough of confusing natural gas and petroleum gas! Both have superb properties as motor fuels, but their physical and chemical features are remarkably different. Which one is lighter, which heavier than air and what does it mean exactly? Which one is easy to liquefy and store in liquefied state and which one needs thick-walled cylinders or criogenic tanks? Many of you may know the answers to these questions already, but never before have they been collected in one place for those who don't.

Once you watch our film, you'll never confuse LPG (popularly referred to as autogas) and CNG (compressed methane) again. And remember tomorrow's premiere is just for the first film in a series and many more are bound to follow. You'll see us dismantle the LPG system into parts and explain how each of them is built and works. We leave no room for stereotypes or speculation – all our films are based on well-founded knowledge, yet they serve information in a lucid, accessible manner. You'll see for yourselves tomorrow and in all the future episodes. Don't miss out!


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