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SR05LPG - a piston-headed reducer

If autogas becomes popular in a given country, local LPG industry develops quickly to feed growing demand. It's no different in India, so let us introduce to you one of India's very own companies, Mijo Autogas, and a product of theirs.
Mijo Autogas' SR05LPG sequential reducer© Mijo AutogasWill piston-type reducers prevail?

Piston LPG reducers are still a minority and that's actually a pity, for they offer improved longevity and pressure stability over equivalents featuring rubber membranes. It also requires less maintenance. Mijo's product is a single-stage LPG reducer for sequential vapour state autogas injection systems.

The vapouriser is very compact in size (149x161x124 mm) and weighs approx. 1,5 kg. It features a die cast aluminium body and has an integrated solenoid valve and a liquid state LPG filter. The SR05LPG is efficient enough to "single-handedly” supply autogas to engines with up to 240 PS of power. It's calibrated for supply pressure of 1 bar and nominal flow rate of 30 kg per hour.


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